Geen idee. Valse Leeuw, Het Beest, Apollo, Hecate, Gevallen Venus, Diana. Gooi maar in mijn pet.

Thus, at the fifth trumpet-call appears "a star fallen from the sky to the earth," who is the "Divinity of the abyss" and has the key to its crater, or opening, and whose name is Apollyon, "he who utterly destroys," the "Murderer"; he opens the crater of the abyss, and from it emerges a locust-swarm of centaurs, who with their scorpion-like tails inflict torments on men. This '"star" is Lucifer, the fallen "son of the,morning," the debased psychic mind of man, which is indeed the ruler over the abysmal depths of desire, the bottomless pit of the passional nature, and the. "murderer" truly of all that is pure, beautiful and true. This fifth trumpet-call refers to the carnal mind energizing in the sympathetic nervous system, the seat of the epithumetic consciousness, "the throne of the Beast";

The star that has fallen is Venus, now become the so-called "infernal Lucifer," the Hecate who presides over the abyss. This abyss is represented astronomically by the constellation Crater, the Cup, the mixing-bowl of Dionysos, the phallic God. It appears also in the Apocalypse as the cup held by the Woman in scarlet, who simply is Hecate, the infernal aspect of both Aphrodite (Venus) and Letois (Diana), the two Goddesses alike symbolizing the primordial substance, the Arche.

The Divinity of the Abyss, who is the "Destroyer" and the "Murderer," is the Pseudo-Lion, the Beast—the phrenic mind polluted by the carnal passions; and his hordes of scorpion-like cavalry are impure and unholy thoughts. The "five months" are the summertime, during which period the passional nature is more active: mystically the summer is said to be the night of the soul, and winter its day.

Openbaringen 9 11 Hun  koning is de engel van de  onderaardse diepte; zijn  naam luidt  Abaddon in het Hebreeuws, in het Grieks (is zijn naam) Apollyon.