De Derde Logos is de geïncarneerde Mens. De Eerste Logos is nooit geïncarneerd, de Tweede het incarnerende zelf. In werkelijkheid zijn ze alle drie één, op drie niveaus van bestaan.

Hij wordt in Apocalypse Het Lam genoemd en is daarmee in feite een van de vier dieren. Hij komt overeen met het hoogste van de vier somatische afdelingen, te weten het Nous.

TODO: bloed van het lam, witte kleren

The First Logos, the enthroned God, who is the
source of life and its ultimate goal, is never incarnated; the Second Logos is the incarnating Self;
and the man as he is on earth is the Third Logos,
who, if he conquers and achieves the second birth,
becomes the son of the God. Yet the three are in
reality one, the Divine Man manifested on three
planes of life. Nevertheless, if the carnal man becomes irredeemably wicked, his fate is the second
death, the reverse of the second birth : his psychic
self decomposes in the fiery subtile elements, even
as the physical body is resolved into its original elements when abandoned by the animating principle.
The second death means the obliteration of the personal consciousness; the second birth leads to the
attuning of the individual consciousness with that
which is universal and divine.
A variant reading in the text has "I have been
born," but the gegone of the received text is preferable. The revisers have adopted the extraordinary reading gegonan, from which they extract the
almost meaningless statement, "They are come to