Tijd bestaat alleen als notie van verandering in de fysieke wereld. Daarbuiten is er geen verleden of toekomst, alleen een oneindig Nu.

An ason (aion) is a definite life-period, as the life-time of a man, a generation, or the whole evolutionary period, the complete cycle of generation. It is only the crude, unphilosophical notion that eternity is "a long period of time" that has caused the "authorized" translators of the New Testament to persist in giving aionios the meaning "eternal." Time is not an entity or a thing per se, nor is eternity merely time indefinitely prolonged. Time is only a mental concept arising from the consciousness of change in the phenomenal world; whereas eternity is noumenal, changeless, extending neither into the "past" nor the "future," and therefore is an immeasurable "present."